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July 11 2011

Christina Hendricks interview with Everyday Health. An interview that discusses Ms. Hendricks' childhood, plus her health and appearance advice for readers.

She sounds lovely and sensible, as always. But writers seriously need to come up with a new adjective for her--every single thing I've ever read about her uses the word "voluptuous." It got old a long time ago.
Today I learned that there is such a thing as an "eyelash-lengthening drug".
How can they be so specific, wouldn't it potentially affect other hair ?

(I ask because i've always wanted a nasal plait)

And Christina being sane as usual. Sounds like her Mum had a pretty positive approach, stuff like that is sometimes in danger of veering over the line into "Failure is not an option!" territory but this sounds like it stayed the right side, more like "Failure's always a possibility but there's almost always something to take from it too" (which you can tell is more sensible by the lack of exclamation points).
erendis Well, there's always zaftig. Or curvaceous. Well-rounded is a bit...lame. Rubenesque is also used, although I don't think Christina quite fits that term.

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