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July 11 2011

New Spike statue from Sideshow Collectables. Here's the latest in the new line from Sideshow collectables. *ETA* Video footage added.

After the release of their Buffy, Willow and Faith now comes Spike. Only the limited edition version comes with his vampire face.

Here's Sideshow Vid of it over on Youtube...

That's a brave price so it is.
I wouldn't call it a must-have but I think this is easily their best yet.
Simon I totally agree. They've been ramping up these prices now with every release and I personally think things have got well out of hand price wise.

It's a lovely piece of that there is no doubt, but at that price, well I think it will put a lot of people off, myself included.

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Wow. That is pretty Bad A! Loving all the detail. Sadly, I could never justify spending that amount on a statue. Nope, I am an adult now and have to worry about things like a mortgage. :P
I have to say that as pretty as that is, I am a bit disappointed because based on what the Willow, Faith and Buffy statues were like, I was expecting him to be shirtless at least... ;)
This is much better than the last two they've released. The Willow and Faith statues were terrible.
I was expecting something much worse than that before i clicked on the link because of the previous statues. Glad they've improved.
I think they caught Spike's vampire face brilliantly, but not so much the human face. Still a great effort though.
It's really nice. I have no justification for buying this for that kind of money, except I want it. Wonder if my sensible streak will override my impulse.

Ruuger: "disappointed because based on what the Willow, Faith and Buffy statues were like, I was expecting him to be shirtless at least... ;) " Hee hee.

Does anyone know why it's ten dollars more than the Buffy one? I mean will the price go down after a bit or was the Buffy always cheaper?

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This detailed sculpture presents William the Bloody in 1:5 scale, ready to take on the slayer.

He's got a stake. Looks more like season 4+ Spike, ready to take on a vampire.
Yeah, but If you listen to the video I linked too you'll also hear them going on about being 'dark and brooding' Err what, that sounds more applicable to Angel rather then Spike. Not sure which show they've been watching really. :D

That human faced head sculpt is just beautiful though. If I could afford It I'd get it.
I was so set on buying it, but I can't justify it. It will end up costing me more than a month's rent and I can't afford that for a few years. I need to learn to stop spending.

EDIT- A person who's seen the statue in person says the pictures doesn't show it off that well. Just look at the un-painted pics of the sculpt.

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Neither I can't justify it. Pretty. Pre ordered.
@Skytteflickan88: You pay less than the cost of that statue on rent?!?

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