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July 11 2011

Thor DVD/Blu Ray to include Avengers preview. Thor's DVD and Blu Ray release has been announced for September 13th and will include a sneak peek into Marvel's The Avengers.

Makes sense.
I didn't like the movie that much but a sneak peek for The Avengers makes this a day-one buy for me. (well, I'll have to wait 10 more days for amazon to deliver it to my country) I guess they'll add another one when Captain America comes out.
Or just rent the dvd. If you don't like the movie (that much), why spend the extra money to have it languish on your bookshelf?
(In my case, I like Thor enough that the Avengers peek might persuade me to buy it.)

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It's probably just the short about Clark Gregg's character they were talking about a few weeks ago. I doubt it'll have any actual footage from The Avengers.
I'll buy the DVD because i'm a collector and i buy all Marvel movies (even Punisher) just to have a complete Marvel-verse collection. I'd normally wait a year or so to buy it since the price goes down on amazon, but a sneek peak to The Avengers and other special features made me excited to buy it day one.
Freaking loved Thor! Gonna love Avengers even more!

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