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July 11 2011

Kaylee's Strawberry Delight. QMX just announced their latest shiny statue.

I think overall it's the best sculpt they've done, I love the base but I just don't see Kaylee when I look at the face, I see River or someone more Asian. Is this just me?

It's cute, but yeah it doesn't really look like her.
Love the detail of the outfit and the engine...but the hair is all wrong.
Pretty, but it's not Jewel.
Yeah, I don't see how QMX can think that looks good. Usually their products are of higher quality.
It's not as scary as the Wash one but it doesn't scream Kaylee to me. In fact it reminds me of another actress but I'm racking my brains to think who.
Them is some big feet.
That doesn't capture the berry-eating moment at ALL.

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