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"One of my imprints was an Eagle Scout. Another one was a sailor. There's a dirty joke in there somewhere."
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July 11 2011

Nathan Fillion's tips for Comic-Con. He also reveals what his first impressions of Comic-Con were. Spoilers if you haven't seen the Castle season 3 finale.

I really think nathan Fillion is something special!
Oh, I'm sooo Geeked for Game Of Thrones, too!!!

This will be my first SDCC, so I hope it's swell! (crosses fingers)
Beckett cannot either be dead nor alive, you see, because observing her current state would inevitably change it. Right now, she is in some sort of not-dead-yet-not-alive state that will be resolved when the S4 opener reveals it. Schrodinger's Beckett, if you will.
Noooo, death be stealin' my Beckett!

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