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July 11 2011

Top 10 most bitchin' witches. Fun list, and the comments from readers are even better.

That is a fun list! But Bonnie over Willow? I do not think so!
You were not the only to say that.. :-)
Ahaha the Endora/Willow fan in the comments was my favorite.
I do think The Vampire Diaries is a fun guilty pleasure, but I would never single out a character for being cool in any way (other than very very pretty).
List suffers from a lack of Illyana Rasputin. And from having Charmed mentioned.
I wouldn't expect many Americans to have seen her, but the British series Robin of Sherwood had an episode featuring a convent of Satanist witch nuns, and the Abbess or Mother Superior of that convent is one of my favorite fictional wicked witches.
Am I the only one that doesn't like the portrayal of Bellatrix in the movies? I think she's over the top crazy and I'd prefer she'd make less with the screeching.

Also, Wilow should be #1 hands down.
That was the general consensus of all the people who posted comments. I agree, natch!
Of all the evil onscreen witches I've seen, Dark Willow was no doubt the most powerful. If Xander hadn't touched her humanity, if she hadn't reconnected to her grief over Tara's untimely demise, Willow would have indeed immolated the entire surface of the planet and every living thing on it. That's bitchin'.

As an aside, some fans believe Dark Willow was inconsistent with the onscreen Willow we saw. I think they weren't paying attention. Only from such lofty heights can someone fall to such devastating lows. Willow had lost the one person who meant the world to her, her 'Always' as she once said. Everyone and everything else paled by comparison, even her best friend. It's a shame Joss didn't dig deeper into that grief in Season 7, although he touched on it a little.
"Dammit, Willow, if you'd left that way I never would've seen you again!"

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