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July 12 2011

Felicia Day in mini animated Penny form by QMx!

QMx presents a hand-painted 5.5 inch maquette of Penny from Dr. Horrible, "depicted with wide-eyed charm, doing what she does often and so very well: laundry".

Did they not get the licences for the actors' likeness?
Well that looks nothing like her at all!

In fact the only thing they got vaguely right is the laundry basket!

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Not even a little bit like her (even given the stylised "animated" parameters). And it says "authorized and licensed" so presumably they had permission to use Felicia's likeness (but then, y'know, didn't) ?
I think we have this conversation each time QMx releases one of these. As I understand it, they're meant to be character interpretations, not actor likenesses.

Although as a character interpretation maybe giving her a petition clipboard rather than a laundry basket might have better reflected who she was. But at least laundry is story relevant in this case. Wasn't there once a row over an Mary Jane Watson figure doing laundry?

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I think I remember that Mary Jane statue b!x, but I think the issue was that the statue was wearing a thong. If memory serves, I think that was an Adam Hughes statue. (same guy that did the Once More With Feeling poster)
The issue wasn't just the thong, it was that she was doing Peter's laundry. In a thong.
If they're gonna do a cartoonified character interpretation, why not amp up the redness of the hair as is customary with redheaded cartoon characters? Could just be the lighting in the picture, but that hair looks relatively brown to me.
Yeah, initially, it gave me flashbacks to the Mary Jane fiasco, but I have to admit it makes character sense for this one, at least, since, you know, she does laundry. The petition clipboard would have been more appropriate, though, I agree. Or frozen yogurt.
This isn't really much like the Mary Jane situation since a) MJ was doing Peter's laundry (not her own), b) as you guys have noted, this is entirely sensible given the story/character and c) this statue is significantly less... breasty.

As I understand it, they're meant to be character interpretations, not actor likenesses.

Fair enough but then shouldn't the statue at least suggest the character when you look at it ? That could be absolutely any female character from anything featuring clothes at some stage (as GreatMuppetyOdin says, even the hair's not that red). Wash - while looking nothing like The Tude - has his dinosaurs (something quite distinctly Washy), River is in that pose with her sword/axe thingies (again, unique to her) and so on. I could look at this one for a month and still have no idea who it is (assuming you took the label away I mean, with the label it'd only take a week or so ;).
meh. not impressed.
I just want to mention that I quoted their Facebook tweet (er... whatever) re: the "what she does well" sentence. It rubbed me a bit the wrong way as well -- a clipboard would indeed be more appropriate for her. And I agree with everything else -- it doesn't look like Penny, the hair is the wrong color, etc.

But the one thing that QMx gets right is the price. Unlike some particularly greedy companies, they don't charge much for what they make. Some other statue-making companies are 3-ring circuses of unadulterated greed.

So, from me, one hand up in the air going "yeah!" and one shoulder shrugging.
They should have a special edition with a removable chunk of exploded Freeze-Ray that sticks in her chest. Then they definitely wouldn't use the "she does this best" line.

Then again, who wants a statue of a dead Penny? Unless they plan to distribute a whole series of dead figures...they could call it "Killed by Joss" and it would depict famous last moments. It could feature Tara being held by Willow, Wes being held by Fred, Buffy stabbing Angel, Willow flaying Warren, Doyle holding that big explody thing, Anya feeling a Bringer's blade, Buff splitting Caleb (with real action splitting), Joyce laying on the couch, okay maybe not such a good idea.
Ooh, ooh, Joyce could have two heads, one with an aneurysm and one without !

(whaddya mean too far ?)

With some caveats (like, not Joyce or Warren f'rinstance) I quite like that idea though alexreager. Death tends to be an emotionally big thing in the Whedonverse, sometimes it's the dying character's finest hour and so worth commemorating.
@Saje: Less breasty, perhaps, but what a rear!
QMx's text says "flame-haired" yet the images look very brown-haired. Points for freckles though.

Agree the "so very well" comment is weird. Is this a refernce to a line in DH that I am forgetting?

Looks like QMx usual excellent production quality. Yea for that!
"Quantum Mechanix (QMx) wrote: as a courtesy, we show our maquettes to the actors and Felicia helped us along in the developing process of the maquette. She is happy with the end product and we're excited to see what everyone thinks of it once they see it in person."
I was OK with the Kaylee figurine because even though it didn't look like her, it still kind of captured her spirit. This one is cute, but I don't get a sense of "Penny" from it.

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