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July 12 2011

A conversation with the cast of Firefly. An event featuring Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin and Jewel Staite. It's being arranged by Nerd Machine and it's conveniently scheduled for Friday the 22nd of July in San Diego. Trying to get a hold of tickets seems to be a new sport.

The site is doing a lot of going up and down, and they keep taking ticket sales offline to fix stuff. Several of us have already gotten our tickets to this one, however. It had Morena listed too, earlier, but that got removed.
Right now I can't buy any tickets from their site.
OOh we are so there but WTF tickets?
Follow @thenerdmachine for all the updates on site/server/store issues and resumption of sales.
Thanks B!x!!
Is it all right to ask here what the ticket price is? Then I can make an executive decision to not be sitting staring at Twitter for the next three hours. Thx.
$20, all of which goes to Operation Smile.
Tonya J, it's a minimum donation of $20. It all goes to charity. Operation Smile.
Thanks b!X.
The nerds are working hard to get you guys your "Conversation" tickets...Looks like early tomorrow morning, will give you a time
That'd be early Wednesday, July 13, presumably Pacific time.
3pm pacific time today. Just on Twitter.
Sold out? Wut?

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