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July 13 2011

(SPOILER) Dollhouse: Epitaphs #1 is on sale today. Written by Andrew Chambliss, Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen, the mini-series features the adventures of Alpha and co in a battle to save mankind.

I'm really looking forward to this miniseries,
I loved the apocalyptic world in the season finales.

I hope Dollhouse: Epitaphs (including the one-shot) gets collected into a TPB. Individual comics are hard to get here in The Netherlands.
Hooray! I loves me some Mag. And some Alpha. And some end of the world fun. In comics, not the real world, just for clarity.

I'm hoping for a TPB with the Ivy blog posts written for Dark Horse's website, too. I've got a self needing some more Dollhouse love. (Edit: I meant shelf, but I'll leave the typo too).

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I think Dark Horse will be doing some sort of viral adventure game came along the line of "Where's Echo?".
Is that ghost-like girl there to show how she's been inside all of their bodies? That's the only theory that's making sense to me at the moment.
Yes, it's Ivy in different bodies.
I loved the two Ivys gettin' it on!
Can't agree more, Brierly. What a fun moment! Have the two female Ivys and that "Guy"vy will make for an interesting dynamic if they all stick together.
Does this comic make sense if you haven't read the one-shot? (which I haven't, the dollhouse DVDs aren't even available in Aus, last time I looked!)
^^ The comic from the DVD was released in March as an expanded one-shot with extra pages---would your local comic book store have gotten it?
The comic was really good. The Wielders were a great new element to the story. Their creation was really cool as well. Can't wait to find out about Directive Three.

Also, Alpha's reaction to the Ivys' extra-curricular activities was really funny. "I'm uncomfortable..."
Oh, did anyone notice the letter in the back of the issue that was submitted by The One True b!X?

What a crazy, random happenstance.

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I liked it a lot. Alpha and Ivy are two amazing characters that sadly didn't get enough screen time in the show, so it's great to see them as the focus here. And as you guys have said, the Ivy on Ivy action was hilarious.
Thanks Brierly, I must have missed the info about the March issue, I'll ask my comic store.
It was amazing. I am really glad our favorite shows get a chance to live on. Ivy lovin' was really funny. And Alpha's response was amazing. Andrew's "Stop-Loss" on Dollhouse was my least favorite episode and i wanted Mo and Jed to write the comics. But he did a great job. I especially loved Alpha saying "What you're feeling... That's exactly why I need you. If I wanted mindless killers, I'd do exactly what Rossum's doing." It made the kid being there very meaningful. I am looking forward to next issue.

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