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July 13 2011

Alan Tudyk joins twitter. So says Nathan Fillion. Go stalk him give him a follow!

He is so awesome, he just made me join twitter.
He better not let down my expectweetions.
Alan had tweeted something like, "It looks like I have 9 followers", when I popped in after seeing the news on Facebook. This was 9 minutes or so before I logged in. At that time, he had something like 13,000 + followers! News travels fast.
He's up to 30,088 as of me.
During the time it took me to assemble this post (about 40 seconds) he jumped from around 420 to over 7 thousand.
Wow. Just checked his stats:

* 19 Tweets
* 7 Following
* 822 Listed
profile: i am an actor and shit

Really that says it all.

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