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July 13 2011

Marc Blucas talks about his new show Necessary Roughness and BtVS fans. Good interview on how it felt to play a sometimes disliked character.

I don't really like the way they did the Riley questions...
It sounded like the interviewer and even Marc assume that every fan who disliked/hated Riley hated him, Marc Blucas, too. And I really hope that's not how he sees it, because I don't think it's true.

Most fans I know - and me included - that don't like Riley, still likes and respects Marc Blucas, the actor.

Also, I thought it was funny when he says he has no clue if Buffy fans watch Allyson in HIMYM... they do. Maybe not ALL fans, but a good part of it does. I certainly started HIMYM exclusively because of her.

And if I end up watching 'Necessary Roughness', it'll be because of Marc.
Necessary Roughness is pretty good, and I like Marc in it. This is coming from someone who isn't a big sport fan too; its a show that takes place in the sports world but it not too, shall I say sporty?
I didn't hate Riley.
I thought his comment about sci-fi fans was pretty accurate. Love the Buffyverse here, especially Willow/Alyson Hannigan, but I'm not about to watch a laugh track comedy just because she's in it. I need my monsters, ogres, and Marc Blucas put it. =P
See, I didn't hate Riley just because he was the boyfriend after Angel. I honestly just didn't like him! I didn't like his personality, the way he acted, etc. I'm sure Marc Blucas is a very nice man, and I have nothing against him at all. I'm just not a fan of the character he portrayed.
I disagree Waterkeeper511. I am a huge sci-fi fan that loves other genres, comedy included. And I know plenty of other sci-fi fans that do the same. I watch many TV comedies, although I don't watch or care for HIMYM because I don't think it's funny. And I did try it solely because Aly was in it.
I watch all sorts of things - including the opening episode of "Necessary Roughness." Mr. Blucas' character was charming and he looks remarkably the same as he did when he was doing "Buffy." I didn't dislike Riley; I was just worried about Buffy having a human boyfriend, that they were going for "Oh, she's really normal, and normal is best!" I was happy when that didn't turn out to be the message, but I thought Riley was a decent guy trying to do his best in circumstances he knew that he didn't fully comprehend.
Sci-fi is my first love genre wise and i'm more likely to watch a show with nothing else of interest (cast, creators etc.) if it's sci-fi but I watch loads of other stuff too, particularly comedies (and even that much maligned category "procedurals"). That said, "ogres and zombies and vampires" aren't (usually) sci-fi*.

I liked Riley cos he was just a normal guy doing his best (and he and Xander had some nice "the two normals of the group" moments) and from interviews Marc Blucas seems like a decent enough bloke but I thought the first ep. of 'Necessary Roughness' was a bit crap to be honest (mainly because the central character was pretty annoying IMO and didn't even seem particularly good at her job) and since it's not really my thing anyway I won't be watching any more.

*zombies sometimes and vampires occasionally, depending on the specifics.
I always liked Riley and felt sorry for him, trying to be in love with Buffy. She treated her boys awful and even though I loved the series, was never a fan of Buffy. My first vamp love was Spike and he is the reason I stayed for the whole run. I am big into the vamp, werewolves, witches, but also love Community and think it is the funniest show on TV. I watch a lot of different stuff and am enjoying Marc's new series.
I guess I should've said speculative fiction instead of sci-fi. =P
He said "sci-fi" so you were just being accurate, look at it that way ;).

(though personally I don't like "Speculative Fiction" as a term cos isn't all fiction speculative ?)

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