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July 14 2011

Nathan Fillion is the king of photobombs! While obviously we don't appreciated the title of the post its is a hysterical compilation of how epic Nathan Fillion is.

Makes me smile every time I see that, especially given I took one of those photos.

Has this been posted here before? It's been around for a while.
That's funny. The man is really hysterical.
His face in that first shot (and its near-twin in the third). Just... wow. Yep, snorted my beverage.
I didn't remember it being posted so I figured I'd share for anyone who didn't find it on their own.
...Title's got a point.
He's just a big ol' goof ball, isn't he? And I love my Captain.
Hilarious, thanks for posting.
That guy has a more hilariously elastic face than Jim Carrey.
This just made my day.
He *will* be famous if a smart director casts him in a remake/redo of The Carpetbaggers and a movie version of Andy of Mayberry. Sigh, if I were only Sam Goldwyn reincarnated.

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