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July 13 2011

Emma Caulfield Guest Starring on TNT's Leverage! She will be in an upcoming episode of the show airing this winter.

the episode will apparently be directed by jonathan frakes!
Frakes has directed a few episodes of 'Leverage' (and dropped in for a cameo or two to boot), dunno if he's just lucky or if what he brings raises the general level but the ones he directs tend to be pretty decent too.

Hope Emma plays the baddie, aside from the team itself those're usually the meatiest roles on the show (the Victim of the Week's usually only in it for a minute or two).
Frakes has directed a few episodes of 'Leverage' (and dropped in for a cameo or two to boot)

I just recently got turned on to Leverage and watched all the preceding seasons in a few days. Noticed a lot of Frakes directorial credits, but I swear, I never saw him in the show even once. Have to bear those cameos in mind when I get around to a re-watch.

Something says to me that Emma will be some sort of old flame/former suspect of Nate's, kind of like Sophie. With the way he's going this season, she could be an enabler who helps him spiral further downward.
That'd also be good, anything substantial's fine with me. Re: Frakes, bear it in particular mind when you re-watch 'The Snow Job' *wink* ;).

(if you're up to date on this season, specifically the season opener, that's the episode where Nate first says "Let's go steal a mountain" BTW)

((IMDB tells me it's just the one cameo in fact but I could've sworn i'd seen him more times))
That's a really good show. I'm glad she'll be appearing and I hope she's a villain as well. That, or like an Elliot love interest from the past or something (or both!). Jonathan Frakes is actually a pretty good director, IMO. I don't think of him as trying to reinvent cinema every time he's on a show or movie, and that's a compliment. I can't think of a single thing that he's directed that I've seen that I said "man, that blew". And he has at least one home run in "First Contact".
I'm happy to see Emma Caulfield again - and on such a fine show as Leverage !
Frakes, of course, directed the Dollhouse episode, "Belonging".
@Saje - I will look for that. Just off memory, I'm guessing he's among the many bodies in the tent.

Frakes is a good director, but he does have a tell. I noticed it a few times in Leverage eps he's done after I was hipped to it on his Dollhouse ep. It's the big constant revolving dolly around a group of people (usually sitting at a table). He LOOOVESSS that shot.
There are worse shots to go to, in my completely unqualified opinion. It's not exactly the "radio with faces" over-over-two that Joss has complained about lapsing into, and it pretty much compels the actors to bring their whole performance to every take.

I've never thought about a director having a tell. Joss' would be the really long one shot/pseudo-one shot, then?

It's kind of a shame that Frakes directed the episode that basically had me cash out of "Dollhouse" due to the complete ethical void in which even the protagonists were immersed, but, hey, he didn't write the thing :)
Fan-girl Squee! Love this show! And with Emma on it will be even better! :)
I always thought of "Belongings" as the episode where the ethical void which the characters inhabited suddenly became unignorable to some of them. It's sort of the pivot point of the series where the coming apart begins, isn't it?
Frakes, of course, directed the Dollhouse episode, "Belonging".

He brought a movie feel to the episode, his directing was exceptional.
BiX, it became unignorable in the same way that realizing you have a burst pipe in your plumbing makes it unignorable right before you go back to watching TV. Meh, but that's another debate. Nothing I didn't like about "Dollhouse" was Frakes' fault, and Simon's right, the episode has a great pace and cinematic feel.
Apparently she just wrapped filming this; praised both Hutton and Frakes on Twitter.

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