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July 14 2011

Happy Birthday to Jane Espenson! There's a lot of birthday well-wishing going on on Twitter, and a Tor blog entry by Scott Allie has kicked off a birthday meme.

Alyson tweeted her birthday wishes to Jane Espenson and I want to add mine as well. Jane is one of my favorite writers ever, she has worked on so many things that I love. I did get to meet her, and even have some of her comic books autographed, but the best is that I get to follow her online and watch shows she writes!

Happy Birthday, Jane, and may we be blessed with many, many more years to enjoy your incredible talent!
Hey everyone! There's some fun going down on Twitter. Friends and fans are coming together to wish Jane a happy birthday in the only way we know how on the internet: outrageous Chuck Norris-esque "true" stories.

- Post tweets about Jane Espenson's superhuman qualities!
- Remember to use the #JaneBDay hashtag.
- Her name in the Tweet should appear as @JaneEspenson
- Try to avoid starting with @JaneEspenson , or only she or her followers will see it.

Here's a favorite one so far: @keithclardy said, "When Joss was casting for "Wonder Woman," he used @JaneEspenson as the standard for what a Wonder Woman is. #JaneBDay"

Time to get creative and show the love. ♥

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One that I sent in got retweeted by Drew Greenberg! Happy Birthday Jane. I hope it is filled with laughter and lunch!
Jane is awesome!
Got to meet her at SDCC 09 and even though I was awkward, geeking out and having issues with my camera, she was gracious and kind!

Happy birthday Jane!
My best personal Jane story is that when a friend of mine on Twitter wanted a photo print from me of him and Jane, she piped up wanting one too.
Hey, just found this link. Maybe add to the entry?
Ha! That birthday tag is fun reading.
Eh, the Tor blog entry more or less repeats what people have already posted here.
I hadn't tweeted in about 8 months, but did so today just to wish the amazing Jane a happy b-day. Happy Birthday, Jane! I really enjoyed that live chat you did that one time and that I was able to chat with you and get some of my Qs answered. Still one of my fondest memories. You are awesome. :)
FWIW (not that this means it should be entry-linked), that Tor piece is basically how this started; it's all Scott Allie's fault.
Figured I'd share my Jane-is-awesome story here.

A few years ago, I was at work and the next shopper in line was a man, but all I could focus on was the woman with him. I was sure it was Jane, but I didn't want to say anything just in case. The guy comes up, buys his book, and I feel bad that I'm all but ignoring him. They're about to leave, and I say, "You look really familiar. Is there a reason you would look familiar?" The guy looks at the woman like this happens a lot. She says, "I don't know... do you watch 'Buffy'?" "YES! You're Jane Espenson! I'm a huge... we're not supposed to ask for autographs, but..." And she, despite my full-on geek-out, graciously signed a nearby piece of paper.

She and her fella came back to the store a couple of months later, and they remembered me, and we chatted a bit. Then, a while after, the writers' strike happened and I had the pleasure of striking every Monday morning with the "Battlestar Galactica" writers. Early every morning, Jane was there, all smiles and pep during what must've been a very dark time.

Jane = the very definition of awesome.

Happy birthday!
Yep. This is the only time I will say this, but everyone should blame Scott Allie.
Ah, I see. In that case, added.
Happy birthday, Jane.

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