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July 14 2011

Art Nouveau Firefly prints. You can order the Firefly Les Femmes Poster Set at the QMx website. Though the Saffron one is a Comic-Con exclusive.

Those are beautiful! Makes me wish I had a spare $30.

The faces look like actual pictures, which is pretty cool. I like the hidden words in a couple of those.
I'm assuming there will be a Les Hommes set too.
These just remind me that I really want to get a pin-up girl style tattoo of Kaylee but I can't find a good artist to draw it up for me.

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They hint on Facebook that there's a chance Yolanda may be available after ComicCon. I hope so, since that's the best one! The style reminds me of the ones by, um, the woman who made the wonderful Art Nouveau card of Inara many years ago. (Though I liked that better than these). Is it the same artist?
It isn't the same artist. But over on Twitter danregal points out whose work they remind of, including the one you're thinking of.
They are very nice. I think they are liberally influenced by the Alphonse Mucha Les Fleurs lithographs, which I have prints of on the wall of the stairwell leading to the second floor. Shame there's no opposing wall to get these for.
This Les Fleurs in particular feels like it's being homaged at with both barrels.

These're very nice except for the River one which to me looks like her face has been cut out of a photo and glued on a la 'South Park' (so much so that i'd assume it's deliberate except the others don't look like that). $30 for the 4 is actually pretty reasonable too I reckon.
war_machine, I could maybe help you out. (

I immediately cracked open the PayPal for this. Never made such a quick online purchase before (meaning, no pre-thinking, thinking-it-over involved).

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