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July 14 2011

'Where is Echo?'- a Dollhouse competition. Follow the clues and you could win Dollhouse DVDs and a signed Dollhouse: Epitaphs #1 Comic.

I'm completely lost on this, actually. But then I don't need the DVDs and signed comic. Actually, I do still need the S2 DVDs. But anyway.
I've got all the DVDs, and my local comic book guy would be disappointed if I stopped getting my Dollhouse comics from him (of course I can't get a signed one from him).... Basically my brain isn't working and I wouldn't win this competition anyway.
Yeah, I don't get it, either. Is it supposed to be some kind of code to figure out?

I'd like Season Two, but if I'm to win it in a contest I kinda need more. You know, like...rules. An explanation of how the clues work. Something.
A comment on their Facebook page says

If you follow all the pictures and have the list of locations she has visited and where she ended up send it to our contests (at) Darkhorse email address.

Seems like the kind of puzzle you'd already need the dvds in order to break.

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