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July 14 2011

Whedonverse shows that deserved Best Series' Emmy nominations. Pajiba's Dustin Rowles cites two Joss Whedon-created shows that deserved to receive a Best Series' Emmy nomination in his countdown of the 25 best TV series to never get a Best Series' nomination.

Bonus â??Fireflyâ?? header pic to elicit that exasperated sigh. (And no, I wonâ??t give it a rest.)

Don't like Community, Love Big Bang so I disagree with him there, but a great big YES on Brisco. Fox vs the SF Western.
Nice to see Firefly so high, but I'd put Buffy's best season above Firefly -- and also above other of the usual suspects, like Freaks and Geeks and Veronica Mars, as well. IMHO, as deserving as those shows are, I do think Buffy is superior. And in all three non-Buffy cases, there is only one year (in VM's case, at most two) in which they were robbed of a nomination; in Buffy there were (I'd say) at least five, and I'd be willing to argue to six. Well, depending on what was airing during the year I'm thinking of....

Also, yes, Angel should be on the list. As should The Office (UK). And Dollhouse.

And while we're at it, let's throw in The Prisoner and other older shows; TV wasn't invented in 1995.

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How was this list compiled? Was it voted on, or is it just one writers opinion?

In my opinion, Veronica Mars was one of the worst TV shows ever show. Cheap looking, predictable plots, and very few new ideas (it seemed to steal a lot from BUFFY).

I always thought it was a shame that Babylon 5 never received any Emmy nominations, particularly Andreas Katsulas for his incredible performance as G'Kar.

And I think that it's a crime that Walking Dead has been ignored this year.
Great list!

My own propably would go something like this:

1. Buffy (#14)
2. Firefly (#4)
3. Veronica Mars (#8)
4. Gilmore Girls (#22)
5. Sports Night (#7)
6. Andy Richter Controlls the Universe (x)
7. Community (#9)
8. Angel (x)
9. Terriers (#19)
10. Deep Space Nine / Babylon Five (x)

So 8/10 of the series on my list (or 8/11 really if you're actually going to count how many there are) are also included in this list. I've nothing to complain about!

... except the comment by SeanHarry that is. ;)

@SeanHarry Except for its strong characterization, compelling storytelling and strong dialogue Veronica Mars really wasn't that much like Buffy (and Rob never watched Buffy). I would say Twin Peaks, film noir and numerous 90s teen shows were far more recognizable as influences. (And needless to say, I couldn't possibly disagree more about the series as I think its one of the best tv series ever made, perhaps the only one I like better than Buffy and The West Wing and certainly a lot better than Babylon 5 (as much as I love that show too) and a far cry from one of the worst shows ever.) Do agree about Andreas Katsulas though, he was the highlight of an outstanding series.

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I get the fact about sci-fi and teen shows not being nominated, no matter how deserving they are, it just isn't what the Emmy's are about. But the fact that a show like The Wire never won Best Series completely invalidates the Emmy Awards.
Not only that, but The Wire wasn't *nominated*. I haven't yet watched The Wire -- though I plan to, believe me -- but from what I gather, that's an astonishing oversight.
Just starting the fifth (and final) season of The Wire (DirecTV has been replaying it, uncut and commercial-free). Never even nominated for Best Drama Series, fercryinoutloud? Did not know that.

Can not believe that.

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