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"It appealed to the schizophrenic in me, both of them actually."
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July 15 2011

Joss Whedon on Neil Patrick Harris - 'He has "a Sinatra quality"'. Great feature on Neil at the Los Angeles Times website.

Aw that was cool. NPH is great.

This comment threw me a bit though:

And he and longtime companion David Burtka

Bit of an odd way to describe it...

Also it made me lol thinking of him as the lead in an action film. I don't think he's a bad enough actor for that.
I am guessing, but maybe the LA Times didn't want to use the word "partner" in the context of an article that talks about Hollywood professionals? #majoredinjournalism

(Of course, my word of choice is fiancÚ since they are engaged, but not even that covers the fact that they've been together for nearly a decade.)
NPH is amazingly talented and an amazing human being as well. Not a very common combination found today...
"He went into this shoulder roll that was really acrobatic," Bays said. "It's hard not to give the part to the guy doing somersaults."

He's been knocking many of us for a loop for some time. I know people worry how kids handle being a child star in Hollywood - Neil figured out how to do it with grace, gratitude and panache.

Very nice article. Man, is that guy ever busy. As much as I like watching his work, I hope he is able to scale it back a little to spend time with those adorable children.
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