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July 15 2011

Kal (Beer Bad) Penn to take recurring role on How I Met Your Mother. HIMYM is not a Whedonesque show, but w/Alyson Hannigan and Sweet Little Neil, it is hard to ignore, so I was happy to hear that Kal Penn (who turned into a cave man in Beer Bad on BtVS) will be leaving the White House to take a recurring role.

Maybe others aren't as excited about this, and I won't be hurt if it is taken down. But I find this to be surprising (that he is leaving the White House at this time) and exciting that he is no longer dead (House killed him off, but the Doctor lives again!).

Wasn't Kal Penn someone on Angel, also?
Yeah, he was a psychic person who made Cordy be in immense pain. Brain showing and all. Angel killed him dead.
All we need is Cho and we've got a Harold and Kumar reunion!
I haven't been following the HIMYM casting news at all, but I remember John Cho guest starred as a big-shot lawyer, so it's entirely possible that this is part of a Harold and Kumar reunion.
I wonder if "How I Met Your Mother" will now get the H&K unicorn? :)
Didn't Kal Penn leave the White House a while ago? At least a year ago, I think.
Yeah, he's been back to acting for a little while - I believe they've already shot the third "Harold and Kumar" movie. I think he only planned to be at the White House for a couple of years in any event.
Considering we follow Amy Adams on here, and she's been in half as many Whedon episodes, methinks it qualifies.

Never knew he took a turn thru politics.

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