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July 15 2011

Tony Head to moderate 'Grimm' panel at Comic-Con. He'll be reunited with David Greenwalt on the Saturday.

Why the eff would they make this impossible since it's 1 minute after the Koss panel which is in an entirely other building? Huh?!

I wonder if Buffy fans will crash this panel just to ask Tony questions about Ripper. That would be funny.
And by "Koss" I meant the other thing. Stupid fake keyboard on this damn phone.
Maybe they're trying to institute a new tradition - the Running of the Fans? :) Who knows, maybe Koss (or, you know, that other guy) will stop by the panel, seeing as the show runner is David Greenwalt. At first, I was wondering why Anthony Stewart Head was moderating the panel and then I remembered, "Oh, show runner is 'Buffy' [and also 'Angel'] guy! Also, 'Grimm is a new NBC show, ASH is on a different new NBC show ['Free Agents'], so it's network cross promotion!"

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