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July 15 2011

Avengers casting call draws thousands in Cleveland. Almost six thousand people showed up to try and be an extra in Cleveland today. More are sure to show up tomorrow.

It was a long hot day in the sun, while wearing hot suits and other formal wear. If I get to be a part of this movie it will be worth it. I even got in the news story at 41 seconds!


Extras, Assemble!!!
Hey, they have to choose someone right? Anything is possible. I know a girl who knows a guy who...

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Was Joss there?

Joss has little to do with extra casting. I say "little" because he has been known to help a brotha out.
No, nobody of name was there. This was just an open casting call for extras.

It does sound like there are going to be some pretty big scenes with lots of extras. I thought they would just hire a few and digitize the rest. Maybe it is still cheaper to just hire a thousand extras though. Or maybe it was part of the tax deal.
Late to party, link has gone away.

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