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July 16 2011

Buffy movie coming to Blu-ray in September. There's no word on what the bonus features will be.

I didn't see the key word 'movie' when I was skimming the front page. Got excited only to have it crushed in a re-read. :(
Can't wait to put that in my collection, alongside The Phantom Menace, Indy 4 and The Godfather part 3.
dannyrobertson, that sounds like a mighty fine collection. Is Batman & Robin, Battlefield Earth, and Transformers 2 on your shelf too?

I think it would be neat if Joss did a commentary on this bluray with Fran Kuzui. I would definitely buy it if he gave his thoughts on how the film differed from his script.

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He should do a commentary just making fun of it. I'd buy that.
Does anyone else think that cover is misleading? It's not horror. Or a drama. Or action/adventure. Weird.
It reminded me of this. Which I'm sure was 20th Century's intention.
guidedby - I'm not sure why they didn't just use the cover from the VHS and DVD... it worked well and captured the tone of the movie a whole lot better.

And I may be in the extreme minority, but I'm actually excited by this... I've always rather liked the movie. In fact, that's the reason I started watching the show in the very beginning... hoping that we'd get more of the snappy dialogue and less of the cheesiness. Thankfully, that's exactly what we got!
Good call, Simon.
That cover is also the cover for the movie on Netflix Streaming. I always wondered why they used that instead of the normal one.
I so wish that it could have a commentry from Joss, detailing exactly how they got his vision so wrong.
Awesome! I'm super excited for this! This movie is my jam, regardless of what anyone else thinks of it. Hell, next to "Serenity" it's my favorite thing with Joss' name on it. I'm not a big fan of the cover though, to be honest. I wish they'd have used the movie poster.

I also think it's cool that it's coming out on the 13th because Matthew Sweet and The Bangles new albums are both coming out that day. As you no doubt know, both Sweet and the Bangles' Susanna Hoffs had songs on the soundtrack. They're my two favorite (currently active) musical acts, and I've always loved that they had a little Whedon connection.

Toaster caked him!
That cover has been used as a DVD re-package for a little while now.
Amazing how your emotions can suddenly jump so...then, get dashed in an instant. Still, will be picking this one up 'cause it's the beginning. And, if sales are good, perhaps that bluray madness will spread to the series?

I know, always the dreamer, glass half-full type. Can't help myself in the face of hope, there's always a chance! And Simon, thinking you hammered the proverbial nail on its head.
The first thought that popped in my head when I read this was that they are trying to gauge the current popularity of the movie for the re-boot.

Could be wrong but that was my first thought.
Different studio for the reboot.
Refresh my one remaining brain cell again, this move is from Warner Bros., right?
I've watched this three times - once when it came out, once with my daughter, and once recently to remind myself that I'd gotten everything out of it that I could. No motivation to get this on Blu-ray.

I am thinking we never see BtVS on Blu-ray. ANGEL maybe. The first two seasons of Buffy were really grainy and I'm thinking Blu-ray just makes it look grainier.
I think an apology from the Director would be a good Special Feature to have on the DVD. :D
'Interview with Fran Kazui: "I'm So Sorry. I'm Just So, So, Sorry".'
Well, that's not gonna happen. We all know Fran Kuzui is completely delusional about the whole thing.
Didn't like it the first time, but then I did watch it after I fell in love with the series, which made the movie a joke.
Madhatter, nope, 20th C Fox.
Ha. It looks like a different movie.
I've been burned before by Blu-Ray editions of old movies ("Donnie Darko" particularly looked really bad for a Blu-Ray) but some of them were really good. ("Full Metal Jacked" looked really great) So I'll wait for some reviews before I buy it.
Awesome! Think this means they'll release the series on Blu-ray next? ;)
Simon, you are 100% right about the intention of the cover. It is blatant and definitely on purpose. I'm not a fan of the calculated misrepresentation.

Jossfan, no. The series won't come out on BD any time in the near (or distant future).

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I've seen it on HD on Film4 HD. It still sucked. And the HD isn't particularly H.

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