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July 16 2011

Ennis House (Angel's Sunnydale home) sold. The famous property finally has been sold (at a reduced price) and may open to the public for a limited number of days each year.

I'm so happy the house sold to someone who appears to have the resources and the interest in preserving the house. It's one of my favorite Wright houses, even without its Angel connections.
I'm very excited by this news! I've loved the Ennis House for years and had hoped that it would get a caring owner. The fact that the buyer has renovated similar properties and will allow some public access is a good sign. Also, his last name is Burkle!
On the one hand, yay owner! On the other hand, owner is not me, so... sadness. I was really hoping it'd stay on the market long enough for my lottery-ticket investment strategy to pay off.
"The house was severely damaged..." by an earthquake in the mid-90s. Hmmmmmm.
Bought by a Burkle.
But... but didn't it get destroyed when Sunnydale went from being an outie to an innie?
Boo! I was saving up...
The repair bill is going to be astronomical. If they have the resources, they should also re-engineer the various alleged engineering shortcomings committed by Wright, who while an experimental visionary, was never particular adept at the actual engineering and construction of his homes. I do know about this because as a child I was raised in one of his homes.
The interior of the Ennis House was also where the Firefly promo photos were taken.

LeafOnTheWind, that was my plan too. :) Ennis House is one of my all-time favorite structures. I'm happy that someday I may, at least, get the chance to tour this amazing property.
Oh, the Burkle connection is absolutely delicious. I would love to tour this someday if he opens it up to the public.

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