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July 17 2011

Attend! It Is the Birthday of Jed Whedon! Harken! He rocks, often literally. Plus: Dollhouse comic!

The J-Mo episode of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena is Missio, the second ep of the second season, and it ruled, not as imperial Rome did, but in a plucky under-slave way.

Also, Best Supporting Role in a Blog evah!

Will there be dragons? Seemed to be hooked on those silly fire breathers as of late. Blame HBO!

Happy Birthday, Jed! Wishing you the best.
A big Happy Birthday to Jed Whedon, who is definitely up there in my top five Favorite Whedons! I loved the Dollhouse comic (I wish there had been more discussion of it here), and I really enjoyed when Jed took over Maurissa's blog on day last week.
Hooray ! Jed Whedon, clearly following in his big brother's footsteps, is also still not dead ! And long may he continue in that vein.

(talk about talent BTW, he totally captured Mo's voice, right down to her constant praise of his unfathomable humour and sexual endurance)
Happy Birthday to my second favorite Whedon! :D
Happy Birthday Jed Whedon! May your next year be packed with writing and rocking goodness!
My music computer is currently kaput but as soon as it's up again I'm going to go purchase his album, I liked the bits I heard (and am still waiting impatiently for release news on the Drunk Food Songs project, heh). Oh and that writing ain't bad either. Happy Birthday to you, sir!
MrArg--if you like what you've heard so far, you'll enjoy the album. I love it, beginning to end. He's a talented one, that Jed.
Many happy returns!
Yes, it sounded like it was a vein of indie rock that I enjoy, good sense of melody and some well-applied distortion.
Man, those giant sparklers look incredibly cool/dangerous (and by 'dangerous' clearly I mean 'cool' - they're cool squared is what i'm sayin'. Except hot).
I'm a huge fan of all Jed's and Mo's music a all the J-Mo episodes I've watched. I'll have to watch some Spartacus, if not just for their episodes. Happy B-Day!
Happy birthday to the Whedon Rock Star!
happy birthday!
I love Jed. His music and his writing is amazing. His take over of Maurissa's blog was hilarious. So I hope he'l do many great things this year with his lovely wife Maurissa. Happy birthday!

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