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July 18 2011

"It's the funnest ensemble movie in the history of the planet and... Joss Whedon is God". Clark Gregg, aka Agent Coulson, gives an update on The Avengers to

Nice interview. Obviously I approach these from a slightly biased perspective, but I do think it's always nice when actors enthuse about Joss.
Funnier than 'Serenity' ? Cool beans.

Decent interview that. And i'm glad they've been using the 'assemble' thing for something worthwhile - "Avengers Assemble!... down the pub. 8 for 8:30, no trainers" is a text you'd wanna save for posterity ;).
We read "funnest" and we automatically think "funniest." ;)
As one wisely does, though -- what's ever the superlative funnest of anything that isn't also funny?

I don't know if I've seen even a comic book movie before that's being set up for more Hype Backlash than The Avengers, though.

On a positive, I'm pleased at the idea that either Joss or these actors themselves -- and I suspect this is largely Joss -- have turned this cast of people who probably could have all been aloof and entourage-escorted trailer dwellers into something collegial. There's a basketball parallel hiding in the thing, about the coach who can get the team of megastars to play like a team, where Joss might be for this movie (franchise?) what Coach K was for USA Basketball.

I'm deeply amused, for instanced, by the idea that somewhere we'll get DVD extras of Scarlett Johansson, Sam Jackson, Robert Downey, Jr. all cutting up between takes (or during) like it's the "Serenity" extras.

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Emmie: Oops, I was reading that as "funniest". I did think it odd that Avengers was being billed as a comedy. Thanks for the correction. :)

More importantly, we have another vote for Whedon as a god, although Gregg failed to mention if he was benevolent or one of the old gods who demand sacrifice.
Then I don't believe in Joss Whedon x) Joss Whedon doesn't believe in Joss Whedon :P If he is god, that is.
In fairness, i've never actually seen Joss Whedon, i've only witnessed his works (and the odd miracle) so he may not exist. If he doesn't though, we'd have to invent him.

And I totally read that as funniest too, good catch Emmie. And this thing calls itself a brain, pfft, you're just 3 pounds of greyish jelly sonny me laddo and don't you forget it ! Still... funner than 'Serenity' ? Cool beans.

(and if it's the sacrificey type, don't forget to press 1, for goats)
I could totally testify that Joss Whedon really exists (or did at the time I met him) but you only have my word for it that I exist.... It is all very existential.
That being God thing does seem to follow him around. Of course there is a lot worse things that could follow a person around...

My son keeps asking me if we can see Captain America and the Avengers. After all these years he still doesn't get that "Joss made it" means "yes we are going." Though I do understand his wanting to be sure that "movie lead in to something Joss made" also means "yes we can go."
Slightly disappointed as I was hoping to hear this was the most funner ensemble movie evar, but I guess I'll still grab a ticket when it comes out. I am dragging the kids to see Captain America and get geeked for the Avengers whether they want to go or not.
It is all very existential.

Or non-existential, depending.

Photos are definitely evidence for, not conclusive but evidence. Another miracle would seal the deal though.
Nice pic, Embers. Except the guy next to you looks like the burn pattern in my toast this morning.

Does that count, Saje? If not, then Embers should say she took a picture with a Mediterranean-African guy, but somehow he turned out to be a bearded white guy in the photo. (I was raised Catholic; I'm allowed to make jokes like that.)

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