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July 18 2011

(SPOILER) Amanda Righetti joins the "The Avengers". That's today's casting news (minor spoilers for her role).

I know there are probably already too many moving parts on this one, but it'd be cool if they threw The Wasp in there...I could see Joss having a field day with that character.
It's fine to put the name of the actress in the entry so I've done that.
On one hand, yay for her. On another, more selfish hand, I hope this doesn't mean that she'll have less screentime on the next season of The Mentalist because I really love her character :/
Loved her on The OC, loved her on North Shore, loved her on Reunion. Yay!!!
@MrArg, agreed. This movie won't really be the Avengers for me without Vision, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man and Wasp.
I get that there's only so much time and they of course can't base a broad marketing campaign on Ant Man and Wasp (It's a superhero movie for people who like bugs! Actually my 5 year old would really, really like that, but I digress), hopefully they've got a trilogy in mind that will open things up to some of the Avengers lesser known to the average moviegoer.
Simon, thanks - wasn't sure if naming the actress was a spoiler in itself, so I erred on the side of caution. Will just put the name next time :)
As long as there's no plot details, it's fine. Though Tom Hiddleston was a notable exception for a while until the release of Thor.
Is it certain that she is a (yet unidentified) SHIELD agent? Could definitely see her as Wanda Maximoff, or even Janet Van Dyne.
It's been rumored for a long time, but never officially stated 9as far as I remember), but the trouble of Wanda it been said that she is contractually tied to the X-Men rights, which as of now are signed to Fox.
Don't know if it's true, but always felt that to be funny, as her relation is very mild for her being Magneto's daughter, but in the comics she was rarely tied to the X-Men line of comics, and mainly with Avengers comics.

Though I'd love if she was cast as Warbird, always felt like a strong female Avenger, that would be easier to tie up with the take Marvel Studios been giving to the build-up to Avengers.
While the Pyms seems very missing from a first Avengers story, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver and then Vision were very much second wave Avengers. The team needs to be established before they appear. (I say this as someone who claimed the Vision as fav superhero and cherished my copy of the Vision's first appearance, with that daring all pink cover by John Buscema.)

It would be really fabulous if Joss were able to establish a series strong enough that we could look forward to some of these characters coming to life in subsequent movies.

I do hope that Marvel has a long term strategy to pull characters into their "real" universe that are trapped in their own universes through licensing deals.
I guess one way we could help would be to not go and see the X-Men/Spider-man films (bit of an ask though given that the X-Men ones at least are getting good again ;).

(so long as Fox and Sony are making money from them I don't see them dropping the licences anytime soon, much as it'd be great to fold them all into the same movie universe)

I've only really seen Ms Righetti on 'The Mentalist' but she's decent enough on that when she gets given something worthwhile to do (not to mention easy on the eyes), very much not averse to her playing a part in 'The Avengers'.
Since Marvel/Disney is the ultimate owner of these characters, I'm sure a deal could be negotiated where Fox lends Scarlet Witch to the Avengers. It's not like they're asking for Wolverine.
Damn right! We desperately need Wanda Maximoff in The Avengers franchise. She is smokin' hot and a totally cool character.
It'd be weird if it was Carol Danvers, because then you're effectively saying you're not having a Ms Marvel, who surely Marvel want to push as a big name super hero (they are always wanting to push recognition of super heros, especially female ones). I'm going with Sharon Carter, even though I'd thought that coupling would be saved for Captain America II.
Sparticus: It'd be weird if it was Carol Danvers, because then you're effectively saying you're not having a Ms Marvel

How do you figure? Or do you just mean that this particular movie will not have Ms Marvel?

If TPTB decide to have a Kree/Skrull war in the next movie (unless it is in this one), then Carol can always get powered up in mid-story.

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