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July 19 2011

Jo Chen's Comic-Con 2011 schedule. The artist says "I am posting this with the hope that at least some of you in attendance will swing by one of these events/gatherings that I'll be attending to say howdy including the 'Whedonverse Signing' at the Dark Horse booth on Saturday at noon."

"In any case, I've posted a complete schedule where I will be for the majority of the convention. So, don't be a stranger. I look forward to seeing you guys there. And as always, I'll sign pretty much whatever you place in front of me as long as it isn't quivering or leaking."

I am hoping to attend Sunday's panel, but as I have the kiddos, I can't be sure. Thanks for the link.
I met Jo at a the Calgary Comic Expo a few years back, and she's one of the nicest and most incredibly patient person I've ever met. I watched people hand her huge stacks of comics to sign and she went through the pile signing each of them, though she had to point out a few that weren't her work. If you're going to comic con, do try to see her.

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