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July 19 2011

BtVS: Season 8 Motion Comic hugely discounted! Amazon is currently selling the blu-ray for only $10.99!

Maybe if they produced the entire series 8 and not just the first half, people would have bought it more. Some people just aren't into comics and want the story in a different format. Also, by fooling people into buying it by not telling them it is only the first half, they got a lot of bad reviews.
Gee, if only I had waited. Actually, I think a majority of the reviews have been positive, I just wish they would release the second half.
I'm pretty sure it would have had to be a much better seller in order to justify a second half. Don't hold your breath waiting for it. :)
Yeah, I thought a season meant a FULL season, not HALF a season. Silly me, thinking words have fixed meanings. I'm sure somebody had fun with my money. Had I known the Buffy Season 8 motion comic was going to stop halfway through, I wouldn't have bought it in the first place.


So buyer beware. For future reference, it's probably a good idea to wait until the whole darn production is out, THEN buy it. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of this trick until there is push-back, either through the courts or simple lack of sales.
I liked this more than I thought I would, so I still hope they'll produce the rest.
For future reference, it's probably a good idea to wait until the whole darn production is out, THEN buy it.

Except that too many people waiting might be one reason there will never be a second half. The old catch-22. If the studio makes it obvious they're doing the show by halves and people suspect that the release of the second half is contingent on sales of the first, then many people will wait to see if the second half appears before buying the first, thus making the second impossible.

I liked the first DVD, especially after the first four chapters, when things take a bit of a darker turn and the voice actors aren't so keen on over-playing the jokes.
Hey, don't complain; at least the motion comic DVD was actually released in the US. It still isn't available in Europe (except as an import). But apparently are now quoting 3 October 2011 as the UK release date... and hey, maybe by then Part 2 will also be ready?
and hey, maybe by then Part 2 will also be ready?

I think the individual chapters would have to come out on iTunes first like they did the last time. And since that doesn't seem to be happening....
There won't be a part two.
...or will there?
OMG can you imagine If this manages to stagger on till the end and has to deal with the whole space f*ck issue? Dear lord the mind boggles. *g*

Maybe when they saw what was coming up that helped put them off doing anymore?

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There won't be a part two.

Only a scythe deals in absolutes.
...or will there?

If IrrationaliTV says there won't be, then you may be rest assured that the project is dead.
Until Joss Whedon says there will not be a part 2, there is no reason to believe otherwise.
Joss had no control over it, it's nothing to do with him.
I held off on buying the motion comic when it was clear it was only half a season. If they do come out with a full season, I'd buy that.
I never liked the format. I think it sucks the soul out of the art form. I think it's similar to a book on tape; where the tape production people decide what's important to a story.

On a more positive note, I'm happy that the PTB had enough faith in the franchise and the purchasing public (i.e. us) to at least give it a try. Not bad for a television show that went off the air 8 years ago.

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