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July 19 2011

The Hollywood Reporter chats with SMG and other genre ladies. Gellar talks long hours, Wonder Woman and the Comic-Con experience. The video gallery can be found here.

And you beat me by a minute :) It's a great interview!
Why yes, this picture IS my new desktop background! But seriously, Olivia Dunham and Buffy within straw-reach of each other? Be still my heart.
I posted this yesterday but it got deleted since I mistakenly linked a pirated copy from Youtube instead of this.

It's an amazing interview. SMG is really funny and seems like someone I would love to have a chat with. She totally dominates tha table and since everyone there is from a genre show, she must be the queen of them so the domination is natural.

I love that she mentions Joss when they're talking about Wonder Woman. For some reason, Sarah remembering that makes me happy.
Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised that she knew about the Wonder Woman thing as well! Ah, wish Joss and she would team up again for something.
SMG, Maggie Q and Anna Torv? This is awesome. But as much as I love Sarah, she really wasn't giving many of the others chance to talk. Poor Anna hardly gets a word in!
SMG was the typical back-to-work Mum. So thrilled to have grown ups to talk to that she ran rough shod over everyone. Great to see her again though.

And bless Anna Torv for not giggling knowingly when SMG talked about playing two people.
Be there a transcript anywhere? I can't listen to vids at work.
The linked article is mostly a transcript. I read it rather than watching.
Under rug swept though that might have been a reason as well the deleted log said it was deleted by request and given how difficult it was to find it on the HR site yesterday I think it wasn't supposed to be released "officially" until today .
That photoshoot is incredibly sexy.

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