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July 20 2011

Jayne's hat makes an appearance once again. This time in the Penny Arcade webcomic.

Awww, look at Annarchy's nerdgasm face. Even the tournament when she first appeared didn't do that to her.
She bought it at the California Browncoats Booth. Tables A7/A8 at the end of Aisle 300. She even donated to Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation, since CABC is donating all proceeds from the sale of Jayne Hats to MCLEF this year.
Adorably funny or funnily adorable. Her whack eyes are priceless.

Have fun, y'all. And Buy Browncoat.
All the cool kids go to The California Browncoats Booth (tables A7/A8 at the end of aisle 300) - I only wish that I was one of the cool kids!
Wow. Nerdy little bugger, isn't she? Want the hat, want the lightsaber, but REALLY want the cloak.

Good thing I'm poor and can never afford to go to a con, or I'd have to book a separate seat on the flight back for everything I'd buy.
ShadowQuest, you ship it back separately.

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