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January 13 2004

(SPOILER) Amy Acker on David Boreanaz's directorial debut in this WB Quicktime video.

I think that may have been the first time I've heard Amy's voice when she wasn't play Fred. It's a amazing how different her intonations and mannerisms are...I know, thats the whole point of acting, but its rathering jarring.
I'm not that good at American accents - is this a Californian accent, with the e's sounding as a's? It sounds very The O.C. to me.
Hmmm...Amy's originally from Texas, where e's can sound like a's (and one-syllable words are often pronounced with three). I don't really hear that in her voice though - and I thought Fred's Texas accent in Season 3 was pretty atrocious - but then I'm from the South too, so maybe I'm just used to it.
"Appisode. You're the bast director aver."

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