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July 20 2011

'Ringer' art with Sarah Michelle Gellar. has the exclusive first look.


She looks stunning. And I love the Greek-goddess styled dress. (Although I'm wondering about the collar....)

I also love the use of the mirror and the opposing colors of dresses.

I'd totally geek out if someone could get me her autograph...

Wait. Ioan Gruffudd is in this too? How did I miss that? Ni-ice.

And they are really promoting that collar photo, yeah? Well, sex sells... and I guess elegant kink sells better? I think the black dress is more successful myself. The white one, proportionally speaking, hits her in the wrong places IMO.
The collar was nice, but otherwise… meh.

Honestly, I'd much rather see her holding a scythe, not unlike that fan-made Buffy movie poster. You know the one. The awesome one. The one that made you feel like you couldn't wait until "This October…"

Alas, that ship refused to leave the harbor. It even refused to be built, although plenty of fans wanted a ride.
Love her. Hope it's good. The poster looks great.
ShadowQuest you took the word out of my mouth. SMG in the second poster does look stunning. Not quite sure what to make of the collar thing tho.
God, she looks amazing. She ages really well. I am really excited for Ringer and so glad it is the show that'll kick off the 2011-2012 TV Season for me. September 13 seems so far!
I'm gonna second BreathesStory, the black dress seems more successful.

I can't wait for this show!! I'd pretty much watch anything with SMG, but add the premise, and the rest of the cast... I'm getting really psyched for it!
Wow! Gorgeous pictures! Really can't wait for this
I love that Sarah is "the face" of the show.
I'm loving the collar and I think it is actually symbolic to the show and not just mere sexualization. Perhaps it represents how Siobhan is chained to the life that she's created? I hope we get some new previews at Comic Con. Can't wait!

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I had similar thoughts as well popgoestheshelby!

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