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July 20 2011

Short Robert Downey Jnr interview about Captain America and The Avengers. Find out what he thinks about Chris Evans as Captain America and Joss.

Oh I'm really looking forward to Avengers (I don't need to look forward to Captain America, I can see that this weekend!).
I'm glad that it sounds like everyone is having so much fun making The Avengers. I cannot wait!
New depths to the characters. That's our Purple One.
Oh, I love me some Robbie D! I'm hoping I can find someone to escort me to Captain America this weekend so I don't have to go alone (my friends and family are so lame.) I think the draw of Chris Evans can sway my sister.
Fantastic praise once again. Love RDJ’s trademark swagger, I could watch him read a phonebook. Good luck to you Linnea1928. Bribe your sis if ya have to. :)
Robert is no pushover, and would not praise Joss if he felt it was going badly. "Depths of character"? :-) I like that!
So excited for this. And Captain America will be released here on September 2. I hate it when this happens. I was looking forward to see The Avengers preview for the first time on big screen but I guess I'll have to settle for a Youtube video.

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