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July 20 2011

Unlucky 13 - Marsters out, Glover in. After being the voice of the first 12 Harry Dresden novels - and therefor the voice of Harry Dresden, whose point of view the novels are primarily told from - the chain is broken and James Marsters will not be reading GHOST STORY, the 13th Dresden novel. When the audiobook drops on August 4th it'll be read by John Glover, most recently from Smallville but who once played a demon even more well-known than Spike.

If you'd like to hear a snippet accompanied by some fan-made animation you can hear some of Marsters' Dresden audiobook work in this video.

Harry Dresden wearing a pentacle and a runic bracelet?
I like Glover, but I've only gotten the audio books for Marsters, so no thanks.
I didn't even realise the 13th book was out that soon and I've missed the short stories collection that came out in April. I'm a bad Dresden fan. I have to say if it wasn't for James, I would never have got into the series.
I heard that it is only for this book and Marsters will be back for the subsequent books. Something about scheduling conflicts for this particular book.
I hope this is the case, because James IS Harry. He does such a wonderful job.
I love this series to pieces so I'll probably just enjoy the written version of Ghost Story.
I was totally combing my brain for buffy/angel parts for John Glover before I realized you were referencing Brimstone! Loved that show.
But did he ever build a robot?
"But did he ever build a robot?"

Yes, he did.
Not a huge fan of the series, but I have listened to every one mainly because of Mr. Marsters. Glad that this is only for one book. BTW, I thought the TV version of Dresden was one of the worst adaptations ever. They made so many needless changes, like making Murphy Hispanic instead of Irish (and blonde). And Bob was a travesty. Such a poorly conceived series. And as a Chicagoan, I really did not care of it being filmed in . . . Vancouver? Toronto? Must confess that I don't remember which. But definitely not Chicago.

I do like John Glover, however, and his voice is actually pretty close to James, so I can deal with that. SMALLVILLE was my guilty pleasure show for a decade. I'm really going to miss it.
I'm still angry that Brimstone got cancelled so soon AND that it was never released on DVD. It had such promise!
"Even more well known then Spike".

Sadly I've never even heard of Brimstone let alone ever seen an episode.
Loved Brimstone. It's one of the few cancellations I still think about and wonder "what could have been" after all these years. Sadly, a show about a dead detective working for the Devil was never gonna fly on American network tv. I don't know what FOX was thinking when they picked it up - though I'm pretty sure I know what they were thinking when they canceled it.
I only buy the audio books because James was reading them, I heard about this a good while ago from Buzzy Multimedia and pretty sure it is just for this one book. I will try this one, but John is going to have to be excellent to beat James. I also never heard of Brimstone, but sounds interesting, now I wish it was on DVD. I wanted a Green Arrow spin off from Smallville, going to miss Oliver Queen and Chloe.
Janef - yes, Dresden in the books has a bracelet that he uses to collect kinetic energy and the pentagram necklace is a constant as well - usually referred to when he needs to generate light.

Simon - the short story collection only had one piece - which happens chronologically after book 12 - which hadn't been printed elsewhere. I'd read most of them before in other anthologies and things. You might want to just borrow it from the library.

Sueworld2003 - I meant Satan in general, not Glover's portrayal of him. :)

Rehabber - I wasn't a Smallville watcher but the actor who played Jimmy is now on Warehouse 13 on SyFy.
Brimstone was one of the first shows I really fell in love with. You'd think in this day and age they'd realize there's at least a small market for DVD's, but there you go.

That being said, as much I love John Glover, he has some big shoes to fill. The one time I was able to listen to one of the audio books, I was blown away by how well James captured the tone of the novels and the characters. I hope he does come back eventually.

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