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July 20 2011

The Cabin In The Woods gets a release date! Set for release April 13, 2012. Finally! ETA: The press release (which includes quotes from Joss and Drew) can be found here.

So stoked!
Glad this is finally being released.I wonder,anybody think Lionsgate chose this date to ride the hype for The Avengers?This will be coming out just three weeks before Avengers.

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I was expecting the October release. Oh well, this is better. I need my money for video games this fall, not for going to the theater three times for one movie.
What's this woodsy cabin of which you speak? Release date? I thought it was an urban legend made up to scare potential filmmakers into studio submission...
Well, I was hoping for a release date around Halloween this year, but at least it finally has a release date.
Hey, that's a Friday.

I see what they did there.
Wow. So this is actually happening? Now we can start debating the deep hidden subtext behind the use of the word "quaint."

Hmm, Friday the 13th...
Squee! It's about time. Quite a bit of Whedon for us this spring.
Friday the 13th. 2012. I said Hell would freeze over before this movie got released. Are they TRYING to tempt fate?

Hell will freeze over, and then we can go skating. In this metaphor that means box office dollars, somehow.
Yay! I am not by any measure a horror fan, but I do enjoy me some Whedon/Goddard goodness, so I'm very much looking forward to seeing this movie. I did enjoy Cloverfield.
Excited for the news.
But it means that basically Cabin and Avengers will premiere less than one month apart from each other, at least in United States.

I do wonder however if we'll see Cabin appearing in the fall 2011 movie festival circuits around the world.
I'm kind of disappointed that it won't be for this Halloween.... but I suppose I should just be glad it actually has an officially announced release date (do we really think it will happen?).

And Numfar PTB, do movie festivals show films that already appeared at a festival as big as Cannes? I don't know how these things work.
Ooh, busy month for Whedonesque!
THat seems pretty far ahead for a movie that is already done, but I guess it's better than never.
Count me among the legion who are overjoyed at an actual release date, but disappointed that it isn't this October.
Damn! I was going to jump off the Ben Franklin Bridge tomorrow. Now I'll have to put that off until "Cabin in the Woods" and "The Avengers"have run their course.
Damn. Well I guess I can wait another 9 months. Sighs.

I!!! A release date!

But I'll believe it when I see it. ;)
Anyone in the know able to tell why it's being released in April '12 vs. this Fall?
Thats great news :)
On my birthday, how thoughtful! Just what I wanted.
Very cool. Though the pessimist in me remembers that, as the article mentions, it's had a release date before so i'm not quite counting any chickens. 99.9% excited (/relieved) with a 0.1% "many a slip" reserve.

(ideally it'd be better if it was further away from 'The Avengers', as in later this year, just to spread the Jossy - & Drewy - goodness but what's perfect in this life ?)

...anybody think Lionsgate chose this date to ride the hype for The Avengers?

Makes sense. It's also a fairly quiet time of the year while not being the traditional Jan/Feb/March dumping ground for dross. Then there's the "Friday the 13th" thing which is good marketing for a horror movie. Or maybe they tossed a coin ;).
Friday the 13th? Really?

Angel got cancelled on a Friday the 13th, Dollhouse Season One premiered on a Friday 13th and now Cabin gets released on the 13th. I'm not supersupitious but jeez.
So glad we finally have a release date. Well you US people got a release date, I doubt this movie will be released here in Turkey. And I am too scared to watch a horror movie in the theater anyway. I'll watch the movie using "not-so-legal" ways (I'll even settle for a cam record) and buy the Blu-Ray as soon as it comes out. But if it actually gets released here, I'll be a brave guy and go see it in a dark, scary, loud room that is called a theatre.

If Lionsgate really wanted to take advantage of The Avengers, this movie would come out after The Avengers. So that everyone who enjoyed it would be drawn to a movie written by The Avenger' writer and director. They already have Chris Hemsworth which can't be bad for box-office. I think nothing would change if they released it this Halloween instead of April 2012.

I really love Cloverfield and I'm sure I'll love this too.
Would have preferred the October theatrical release, but this probably makes better business sense. Also, it means that the DVD/Blu-ray will most likely be released in October, in time for Halloween. Awesome. :)
Fingers crossed it gets released in the UK. By the time it gets over here it probably will be October though. Maybe I'll start a letter writing campaign to our local indie cinema for a Halloween screening.
Hoozah! I'm enquiring about UK release.
Ah, great news! I was very worried this movie would never see the light of day. Congrats, Joss!

Friday the 13th? Really?

Simon, quit worrying about those pesty numbers, have faith! And, if it does crash and burn, think about all those fruits and various meats you can toss! :)

Seriously, crossing fingers and toes for a success. I'm thinking it will be.
I'm not sure my brain can handle this double dose of Whedon in 2012.
Yay! doing the dance of joy here..!
Snoopy or Numfar?
"Angel got cancelled on a Friday the 13th, Dollhouse Season One premiered on a Friday 13th and now Cabin gets released on the 13th. I'm not supersupitious but jeez."

Dollhouse Season One was renewed despite terrible ratings, so... not all bad.
It seems to be a recurring date for major events in the Whedonverse. Coincidence? More than likely. Thinking ahead, coverage of The Avengers and The Cabin in the Woods will be our major focus in April. Non-Jossy items may not get a look-in.
Simon, I so want to prove you wrong on this Friday, the 13th thing, yet I can't. Eeerrr, strompy feet!

Yeah, the future looks pretty bright, guess we better focus where the fixin's are good! :)
Just for info, that date currently has another Lionsgate film in place for the UK - I've made contact to figure out if swapsies will be happening.
Okay, so:

UK definitely having wide cinema release.


"This is a movie that operates on many levels, and it works gloriously on every one of them." -- Joe Drake, Lionsgate.

"Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard are two filmmakers who I have long admired, and it's an honor and a delight to be in business with them. They've made an incredibly terrifying, mind-blowing movie that simultaneously celebrates and innovates the genre that they both know and love so well." -- Jason Constantine, Lionsgate.

"Lionsgate's passion and enthusiasm for our movie has been so overwhelming, I had to go back and make sure we didn't accidentally screen The Godfather for them. Fortunately, we did not. We couldn't be happier at our new home." -- Drew

"I'm thrilled that Cabin has landed at Lionsgate because they get and love the film and I'm excited to be working with them on the release." -- joss
Whedon also produced the film, which he has described as "the horror movie to end all horror movies."

So is the UK release also on 13th April, or is it yet to be announced?
Waiting on an answer of that. At the moment they say it will get a UK release (in the context of April), but I wanna be sure of the date.
Thanks gossi! Those quotes are inspiring!
Can't wait!!

Also, loved Goddard's Godfather line.
Friday the 13th (in any month that gets it) is a long-used date for premiering horror movies - especially, of course, the "Triday the 13th" series. So it makes sense. It also may be better to move "Cabin" out of the way of other October horror releases, so that horror fans who aren't necessarily Whedon fans (I don't mean people who don't like Joss, but rather hardcore horror fans who felt that "Buffy" and "Angel" sounded insufficiently horrific and therefore didn't check them out) will think, "Aha, THE horror movie to see this weekend," rather than, "Shall I see 'Cabin in the Woods' or 'Slasher in the Swamp' or 'Bathtub in the Haunted House' or 'Chainsaw in the Shed' this weekend?"
Now I'm wondering what's going on with that bathtub...
I am ridiculously excited for this :)
Whedon also produced the film, which he has described as "the horror movie to end all horror movies."

This brings to mind something Joss wrote over at Bronze Beta back in 2002:
What is my responsiblity? How dark should I get, how much should every one of my characters represent an ideal or a reality? How far can you delve into evil before you are actually propagating it? [...] We have to delve into unconfortable and even awful places to find the heart of our stories (especially with the horror). [...] Too much of our culture today is controlled by people who don't give a rat's *** about their message, who just churn out crap. I don't like most slasher films because they don't like people -- they're just kill fodder.

I, for one, am looking forward to a humanist horror flick!
Saw the Whedonesque twitter feed bring up the state of the manga tie-in, but wasn't there also going to be a prequel comic book published by Dark Horse? Someone at SDCC, ask Scott Allie!
Yes. Dark Horse comic, and Tokyopop manga. Tokyopop sort of imploded recently (semi-imploded), and I've not yet been able to get an answer as to their Cabin tie-in.
I just saw this (I've been out of town without internet) ... and I am so very pleased! Can't wait for April.

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