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July 20 2011

Alyson Hannigan is the new face for Head & Shoulders. They're running a contest now where you can "Become a Good Girlfriend with Alyson Hannigan".

*Praying for irony*
Alyson is still as gorgeous as ever. And without split-ends!

Don't be so frowny, girl has to make a living. She and Alex are raising a daughter don't you know.
Her hair looks so pretty there. The miracles of photoshop. Not saying she doesn't have nice hair. Just obviously shopped.
I can be her girlfriend? Cool! Given I'm a guy and all.
Haven't seen a 'Head & Shoulders' advert in ages, have they started doing ironic ones ?

Aly looks lovely though (and totally dandruff free so it clearly works).
Looks like there's the possibility of a plastification side effect. Hope they put that on the warning label.

Is anyone else strangely reminded of the old graphics/copy they used to use to inform/market "personal hygiene" to young girls?
But Alyson is too happily married to be anyone's girlfriend! :-)
Dana5140: Actually back in the 80s my friend Madeline soemtimes called me her best girlfriend. She's also the person that the upper half of my body lost its, err, sorry, oversharing again.

Madhatter: I keep remindin' ya, her husband is Alexis, Alex is one of the dogs!

Sewriously, I've wanted a Jossvet to get a commercial package for a while, so liking.

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