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July 21 2011

"I'm not trying to re-create Buffy and I'm not trying to top it". The Hollywood Reporter has highlights of a Ringer roundtable interview with Sarah Michelle Gellar at Comic-Con. has an interview with her as well as a sneak peek (i.e. a new trailer) at her new show and Screen Rant has coverage of the Ringer panel at Comic-Con.

Great reports and interview.I think Buffyfest will have something up later tonight too.And from the Jo Chen panel possibly.

Would love to see MT make a guest appearance at some point on Ringer.I like that they have three years mapped out

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Bummer. Missed the live coverage. Was anyone there?

It's nice to hear they've got three years worth of macro arcs worked out. Maybe because it's the CW they'll actually get there. I wonder how noir-ish it'll will end up being? That could be nicely different from the usual show. I like a good noir.

And I had no idea that a soap actor gets paid double for playing twins.
I was there and took a few 1 minute videos in high quality. I'll post them if I can. :)
A lot of actors have escaped a well-known character; Mike Farrell, Caroll O'Connor. So many others couldn't, like Vivian Vance. Others, like Andy Griffith, took several tries before succeeding.
Seems a bit easier with today's audience than it once was.

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