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July 21 2011

Firefly Blu-ray to get released in the UK. It'll be out on September 19th and you can only buy it at by the looks of it. It's £17.99, bargain!

Obviously that will be the same release that's been out for a while, because the original release was for regions A and B - B is for Europe, Australia and New Zealand. That and the fact that it has a German audio track mean that it must be just the same exact release since there was nothing preventing UK customers from buying the original since it wasn't exclusive to North America. No code / standard issues like the DVD releases.
The US release is indeed region A & B but buying it from Amazon UK works out cheaper for us in the UK :)
Joss sings the Firefly theme? Really? I'll have to go back and look at mine again. But the lunch with the guys is wonderful.
It's currently Number 2 on their Bestsellers in Blu-ray list, only behind Lord of the Rings. Y'know, I think this thing has legs.

With the exchange rates and shipping it's actually pretty common for US customers to buy Blu-ray titles from the UK as well, since most are compatible. (Gotta love HD, since the whole NTSC and PAL issues aren't nearly as big a deal as they used to be depending on the Standard Definition extras included on Blu-ray titles). A lot of the big box sets like the "Alien Anthology" were purchased from Amazon UK and people saved a lot of money compared to buying them from Amazon US. Must've been longer wait times for the shipping (that's only a guess since I personally haven't done it) but the savings are clearly worth it for it to be happening so often.

Yes, Joss sings the Firefly theme, and it's pretty cool. And yes, all Firefly fans should get to see the lunch with the guys. I've watched it a few times as it is awesome.

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