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January 13 2004

(SPOILER) Charisma Carpenter interview at "How did you feel about the Evil Cordelia/Connor storyline? I hated it. I hated it."

She comes over really well, good to see her in print again. Can't wait for the 100th episode.

In response to Charisma's quote above: Me too. Me too.
I may be the only person on the planet who liked it. I didn't enjoy it, exactly, but I thought it was an interesting angle and I liked how dark it was. But then, I haven't seen season three and once I've seen the family dynamic rather than just hearing about it, it may bother me more.
"kitten caboodle". Hee.
I think the writer has never heard the saying "kit and caboodle" not 'kitten caboodle'.

I love CC, so I'm thinking, kitten canoodle...

I DO love her so!
Darn, I want her back. Not as the horrid evil Cordy or as saint Cordy but as someone who can hold her own with all that male energy bustin' out all over on the Angel set. Fred is great and so is Harmony when we see her, but to me they're not quite enough. I don't count Eve.
I'm glad that Charisma is moving on, nicely it seems, from Angel. Her response to the first question was a good one and shows what a classy person she is. I also liked the fact that she openly discussed how she's aiming for half-hour work because it's more 'conducive' to her family.

I must say too that this was an excellent interview considering that it was conducted by a 'fan site'. They asked intelligent questions, not the 'where did your parents get the name Charisma?' or 'what was it like kissing David' type of questions.

As for the kitten caboodle, I just read the interview and I read kit 'n caboodle. I'm assuming that it was a typo and must've been corrected already. :) Overall, kudos to the smgfan!

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Wanna canoodle w/Cordy so bad.....!!!

Got to love that girl...!
lovelydarkdeep... your not the only one. I loved the hell out of it. I'm wierd like that!!

Anywho, glad to see that Charisma is happy with life and what not. Hope she gets that half hour comedy she's looking for. I would watch
Much respect for Charisma. Seems like such a wonderful person. I wish her success in her working and personal life. Somebody give that girl a sitcom...she is a pleasure to watch.
I love Charima and Cordy and all -- really -- but the main reason why Evil Cordy/Connor struck so many limp notes is because she just plain stunk playing the part. She was wooden. Not evil in the least, just kinda silly. You could practically hear Charisma grinding her teeth in frustration rather than _getting into character_.

If she'd stepped up and played the part, it would've made Season 4 _so_ much stronger.
Maybe she just didn't know how to approach a lot of it. I mean from "Spin the Bottle" onwards, the being-that-would-be-Jasmine was supposed to have awakened and we were seeing EvilPossessedCordy for the rest of the season. Until the big reveal of her killing Lilah though, I wonder how Charisma was asked to play the part, or how she had decided to attempt it. She knew what was going to happen, but she had to keep it under wraps until it was time to show for sure that something was up. A lot of viewers guessed beforehand that she'd come back from Higher Being-land somehow wrong (in addition to the state of amnesia)...I dunno, I liked most of Season 4 (loved the final arc), but EvilCordy was definitely a sore spot. Though, to be honest, I don't remember having any problem with her in "Inside Out" 'cause that ep was so damn good.

I'm pretty disappointed that they're wrapping her character up with only one episode. I guess I shouldn't say this until I see it...but I can't help feeling that I'm going to be saying "She should've stayed comatose" after ep 100 airs.
Oh I doubt I'll feel that. I like some closure on Cordy. I liked her most of the time, but I haven't really missed her at all in the new season. I think her story was really kinda told.

Pretty funny how gushing the interviewer was. Sure, I prefer that to interviewers who come in with a negative agenda, but the ones with such a high "I'm a faaaan!" level also tend to be kinda.....well, turn the talk into just one big ass-kiss fest.
Someone there may read this site because they edited it to kit 'n caboodle. Too bad :-(. Nice to hear someone not slamming SMG for once although this could once again reflect the bias of the writer...
I liked the storyline, but I can imagine an actor feeling awkward having to play it. Nice interview with Charisma. I miss her on the show.
I ADORE Charisma. I really do. The character of Cordelia brought so much to both M.E. shows for she was a great foil for Buffy and an amazing catalyst for Angel. I will miss her dearly and will definitely watch and record her come-back ep.

Also, even though I agree that, although Charisma hated the Con/Cord arc, a better show might have come from her making the best of her role. BUT, she is human, after all...with human emotions and standards and misgivings. So I can understand her side as well.
love CC, but hated watching the Evil Cordy arc with the blinding fury of a gazillion eternal suns. Just rewatched a repeat of one of those last night on TNT and god, IMHO, evil Cordy was so awful it made me wonder if she was a cyborg. She could have been evil but still charismatic and fun to watch, ala early Cordy, Darla, Lilah, Faith, etc. Whatever it was-bad storyline, actor ambivalence, pregnancy, whatever - it was awful, IMO. And I'm not even really talking about the ConCord squickiness. In retrospect, it really does seem likely that she was being jettisoned down the chute
Finetuning my statement, I liked the Connor-Cordelia-Angel triangle, so very greek theater. I liked the idea of it. These things happen in real life too. That's human experience, warts and all.

Unfortunately the whole 'Cordelia is evil thing' didn't really work on screen.
If Charisma deliberately gave a bad performance as Evil Cordy because she didn't like the storyline, no wonder Joss got rid of her. Actors are paid to read lines and to read them the way the people in charge want them to.

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