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July 22 2011

(SPOILER) Ausiello interviews Felicia Day at Comic Con. The first of what will undoubtedly be many interviews with the lovely Felicia over the next few days. Minor spoilers for The Guild Season 5 and Eureka.

When I grow up, I'm totally going to be Felicia Day. :)
That is an excellent interview (it is always better when someone actually knows who they are interviewing, and of course Felicia Day always gives great interview!), and makes me excited about all her up-coming projects. I'm thrilled to know that she'll be on 'Eureka' a lot (I already liked that show, they have always had a brilliant supporting cast of wonderful character actors), I had suspected she would be on a lot because they made a chair for her (James Marsters said it too quite a while before he or Juliet got a chair on BtVS), but it is great to have it confirmed that she'll be a reoccurring character.
I would not be surprised if she does create an "empire" along the way. She's pretty amazing.

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