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July 22 2011

Trailer for 'H+' featuring Alexis Denisof. It's a new webseries produced by Bryan Singer (some info about it here).

This looks really good!!! I hope Alexis is in it more than the trailer makes it look like he is. We need to see that guy more. He is far too good an actor to not be frequently seen on our screens (whether that be tv, movie, or computer).
I was thinking the same thing mossome: I hope it is a speaking role! LOL
This looks...REALLY good. Like, way too good. As excited as I am for this, it amazes me how ridiculously commercial web series' have become. Makes me sad for the "mom & pop" shows out there that contine to pale by comparison.

Also, agreed, I hope Alexis speaks!
Can't see it (seems the combo Linux without actualized flash more slow internet isn't a good choice, so I'll wait it goes to youtube, where it can be downloaded), but the combo Alexis Denisof & Bryan Singer is a very promising thing.
This sounds really interesting, can't wait to check out the vids later. I love the concept of being able to choose your own viewing order without getting confused in the narrative. Very cool!
It would be funny if the show turned out to be about *Hall* H :)
Makes me sad for the "mom & pop" shows out there that contine to pale by comparison.

Yeah me too. With things like this and the Mortal Kombat webseries it seems Hollywood is definitely entrenching themselves into the web. Not sure if that will be a good thing in the long run.

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