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July 22 2011

New artwork for 'The Avengers'. Marvel Studios has released two new Comic-Con exclusive posters for the film featuring Hawkeye and Black Widow, which give a good look at the design of their costumes in the movie.

Plus if you go here: you can see one for Iron Man, and then follow the Marvel link for Captain America (and Black Widow again).

The one on Cap shows his first costume and the revised version. (And what's with the thigh zippers that don't unzip??)

Mods - feel free to add this link to the above.
Gaaaaaaaahhh! I can't wait for this movie!

Gonna see Captain America tomorrow!!!!!

Wonder if I'll recognize the parts Joss wrote.

Does anyone know if there's a post credits sequence? I read something suggesting not.

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@Squishy - I haven't seen it yet, but a few of my coworkers saw it and mentioned to me today that there was post-credits stuff, so make sure you stick around :)
Thanks thanks thanks!

I'm so psyched for Avengers!!! Also, Cabin in the Woods!

I really can't contain myself.
I hope Hulk is the antagonist at first and then changes sides to assemble against some other baddy, like in the comics.

Query: Will Joss have Movie Hulk fight Movie Thor?

Query further: Who do you think would win?
I changed the link to Marvel since it looked like all or most of the art is there.
And what's with the thigh zippers that don't unzip??

It's a trope.
Guys, please check if you know other sources.

6:00 PM 7:00 PM

They say it will be a Joss panel on Saturday about the Avengers

ETA Thanks and sorry Simon, I'm on the other side of the world and I didn't read it past Marvel and Joss (how embarrassing)

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I'm glad they went for an Ultimates look for Hawkeye.

Anca: that's not a panel, that's a signing session at the Marvel booth. I posted about it the other day. There is a Joss panel today but that's being organised by Dark Horse.
Anuris, yeah, I saw it today! It was awesome but everything happened so quickly, you could hardly tell what was going on. Tony made some wise crack to Thor, like "nice swing," or something. Didn't show hulk though. Did I mention it was awesome?! Cap America was pretty good too. You could really tell the parts that were written by Joss (at least I thought I could).
Gaaaaaah! Can't wait! I love the Avengers!

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