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"Must go attend to Wesley. See if he's still whimpering."
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July 22 2011

Happy birthday Charisma Carpenter. Our Cordy turns 41 today!

Happy Birthda to my favorite latina actress. best wishes, you're fantastic
I wish Charisma a very very happy birthday!!! I hope everything she wishes will come true.

Also Summer Glau is turning 30 tomorrow (but still looks 20).
The Summer Glau Wiki says she will guest star on "Alphas" (SyFy)
Source : Summer Glau Wiki
That's awesome! My own Cordelia turns 9 on Monday! So close together! I hope everyone gets to have the birthday they want!
Happy birthday, Charisma! I wish all the best for you!
Happy b'day! (Gee, in ancient Sparta you'd be 6 months too old for me.)

LEt's not have a "they always confuse me wiht the character I play" attack here, folks. Cordy is only 30 and recently married middle (and best) husband Georges Bergerac.

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