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July 23 2011

Summer Glau to guest on 'Alphas'. The news was revealed at the show's Comic-Con panel.

Well that is a natural fit.I hope she has powers.
Maybe she'll be another rogue alpha ? That's a pretty decent set of guest stars they've got lined up.

The show's not on fire yet IMO but it's not bad either, got potential (and David Strathairn is always good value).
If there were lots of other shows on at the moment, I might not be watching it- I haven't invested in any of the characters yet. But I like watching Toronto pretend to be New York again and the premise has potential as Saje has said.
The news was revealed officially at Comic Con indeed; but fansite The Summer Glau Wiki revealed it 3 weeks ago in its discussion forum.

This is why Summer had to cancel her appearance at Starfury T3 in London; she had to film in Toronto.
I was just getting ready to drop 'Alphas' (which seemed too much like other things I'd seen before, except with duller characters) but I'll hang in there until Summer shows up.
Unfortunately, NBC announced on the 19th that they already cancelled 'Love Bites'.
I actually *really* like "Alphas." For one thing, they let David Strathairn be the focus up front (as opposed to shoving him to one side in favor of the younger actors) and for another, they let his character seriously have screwed up, instead of the minor moral slippage that most shows would allow at this early point in the proceedings. I think it's very promising.
I'm a really big fan of this show and I'm so very much looking forward to seeing Summer rock a character on there.
What I would give for a photo (grainy B/W with a touch of chiaroscuro of course) of Summer Glau and Brent Spiner staring emotionlessly at each other...
You can see Summer Glau on an upcoming episode of Alphas on the promo video for upcoming episodes shown at the end of last Monday episode : Summer Glau Wiki
SyFy has confirmed the date of Summer Glau's appearance on Alphas, along with other guest stars.

Alpha 107 Catch and Release
Premieres Monday August 22nd at 10PM ET/PT
Guest star: Summer Glau

Source : Summer Glau Wiki via SyFy

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