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July 23 2011

The Joss Whedon panel kicks off shortly at Comic-Con. Hopefully we'll get rolling coverage in the comments section. ETA Fannish Inquisition is live blogging. Recaps can be found at Hero Complex, Collider and Superhero Hype.

Are there any sites liveblogging it? Any Twitter users we know are there?
Liveblog: Fannish Inquisition. And Twitter list of people I saw mention being at the panel is here.

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I'm not there this year, but I'll be posting spied stuff here.
OMG! I really wish I was there (I know, I'm a broken record). I'll be reading every word, please please post a lot! <3
I have six tabs open. This is serious.
"btvs s9 will be much more 'reality based'."
Is the Buffy blu-ray referring to the motion comic?
Simon, original movie I think.

joss announces his Spider Man reboot next year with Justin Bieber and Elle Fanning. He may be joking, y'all.

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"When you get two people in bed who despise each other, that's when the fun ensues,". Bwahaha.

Fan: "Are there any characters you regret killing off or introducing?" joss: "Yes, I regret introducing Tara..." Ha.

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More post Serenity stories.
I would love more pre Firefly stories! Huzzah!
Wow, it's entirely him answering fans' questions. That's awesome.
"Just waiting for someone to call and tell me to make that Serenity sequel (crowd goes crazy) ... But they won't"
I got to retweet "who doesn't love cock" so that was worth staying up for. Season 9 looks good, Joss confirmed Dr Horrible 2 which we already knew, at some stage a strong male guy character and what else did I miss?
Fun panel and some neat tidbits.
I can't wait for the video. It looked like enormous fun.
More Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible comics. More comics of everything, pretty much. Yay!
I'm sure Buffyfest will have recorded it and hopfully will post it in the next few days.
There's Dr Horrible demos already done (as per Fannish Inc's live blog). More Dr Horrible comics from Zack.

The Avengers is in full swing, hasn't been as difficult as joss imagined (paraphrasing).

They (Dark Horse) have a Sereifly license for new stories, so they want to do new comic stories in the 'verse, after the movie timeline. (Which I'm all for, by the way - I wonder what Mal and the crew are like, when the common thing they didn't much like - The Alliance - isn't their primary trouble any more) (and did they collapse the government across planets? That's gotta have consequences) (and Inara).
Some "whiffs of Ripper" in the Angel and Faith comic. But I think maybe that is not new news? And an interesting comment about how he'd like to write more standalone comics about Willow.
And Illyria.
No Goners or Cabin mentions, some people tweeted about the lack of info or questions about The Avengers.
I'm not surprised about the lack of info on The Avengers.I'm sure Marvel wants that to stay under wraps beyond the info and previews they release.Joss knows what not to reveal.

I am surprised though there was no mention about Cabin In The Woods finally being released though.

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gossi, I always imagined that what our BDH did with Serenity movie is basically just reignite the rebellion, not necessarily 100% destroy the Alliance. This is all obviously just fanwank, but in MY mind, I imagine the crew coming together and running jobs for the new Browncoats (as opposed to just being strictly privateers with morals before).
Nobody asked about Cabin, hence no info on it. I quite like the idea that Cabin will be one of those movies were people don't know everything for a change (hey, it worked for 'Super 8').

Re Serenity, personally I think we've seen the rebellion, so it interests me less than the question of 'Okay, so the 'bad guys' have gone. Uhm. What have we DONE?'.

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Suppose you broadcast a secret about The Alliance and no one cared? That I'd like to see as a story.
...That, I love.
What Joss seems to have said about the Avengers is that the actors get along better than the Avengers characters do.
Suppose you broadcast a secret about The Alliance and no one cared? That I'd like to see as a story.

"What? Oh, yeah, that video was obviously fake. Everyone knows Reavers don't exist anyway. It's just some [Chinese cursing] terrorist hacked into the system."
I agree that story line would be awesome: put a nice Fox News spin on it and it'll be clearly fear mongering and unpatriotic lies by those who don't appreciate that the Alliance is all things good.
This was put online quickly.
Seriously great panel. I have waited years and got up at 5am this morning to get down to the venue and wait more hours in line and then through 5 other panels to see Joss in person, in a panel. One of the best almost-an-hour hours of my entire life. Oh and by the way, new Joss catchphrase, "Your Lord has spoken". Master and Lord? Fair enough. :=)
Well, we're all ears! Dang it, am I late again? AHHh, I always do that. Guess I'll have to hear the second hand rap.

Did anyone ask why River was created and towards what purpose? Just been tinkling around in the ole' brain pan. Silly brain cell!
I'm so bummed I wasn't there.

Still though. Lotsa awesome here. Looking forward to S9 and Angel and Faith.

After seeing Captain America, I am very pumped for The Avengers, though of course he didn't mention it much here, as is understandable.

I'm still bummed that we have to wait for so long for DR2, though it's understandable.

I think that the book with the strong male gay character sounds awesome and I really hope that happens.

(Also, is anyone else really bummed at how bad the Spider-Man reboot looks? He's like my favorite superhero. I don't want them to make another bad movie about him.)

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Sorry 'Hatter, no one asked about why River was created and to what purpose. Although, someone asked a very interesting question about whether Joss based Kaylee on Kitty Pryde, and then much hilarity about possible stolen intellectual property began, including "Couldn't you have asked me that when we were alone!?" to the question asker. One of my favorite interludes was the inevitable, will there ever be a Ripper series, and Joss said there will be some allusions to Giles' past in the new Faith/Angel book as they will be living in Giles' house. He said he has tried to start a series so many times he can't talk about it anymore, or to Tony Head, who, though a kind, gentle man, has been let down so many times Joss fears him. Specifically, he fears being stabbed in the neck with a large, pointy knife at the convention since ASH is there. So until there's something very specifically in the works, he won't be mentioning a series or anything to ASH.

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Thank you, Tonya J, very good brief!

Now, I have 23 questions more! That Joss is a peach.
This is nice (big Buffy S8 spoiler).
So is this it for Season 9-related panels this year?
I am really happy to finally see Dollhouse love from Joss. As he says here, he didn't state his love for this show enough and I always felt like he didn't care that much. (Especially when he didn't write the finale) Dollhouse is my second favorite Joss show (first being Buffy) and I am really happy to see how much Joss loves it.
Brierly, yes.
@gossi, Thanks. I was hoping we'd get a lot more Season 9 info since this is the big 'Con before its debut. I feel like SDCC has been underwhelming in general this year.
50 minute Joss panel, Firefly cast panel etc - it's been pretty good. They don't really do the spoilers.
I'm talking a Dark Horse panel like we've gotten in the past, or a panel devoted entirely to Season 9 and A&F. We've gotten a lot more information from previous cons in the past.
Also, "spoilers" doesn't require an article in front of it.

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