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July 23 2011

(SPOILER) Buffyfest interviews Andrew Chambliss & Georges Jeanty about Season 9. Video interview has new spoilers.

Great interview! Andrew seems like a really lovely guy and I wish him all the best writing for S9.

The new characters sound very intriguing and Buffy's arc sounds magnificent.
Fantastic questions. What I get from this is that Joss destroyed the seed for the purpose of giving Buffy a chance at having a 'real life' while introducing new characters to sort of tie up the supernatural loose threads. Remains to be seen how much the fading magic state pulls on Buffy's attempts at a normal life. Amazing direction to take the character after so many epic battles!
I guess this is the only big red spoiler post re: Buffy Season 9 @ Comic Con that we're gonna get.
Great interview!

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