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July 23 2011

Trailer for 'Knights of Badassdom' featuring Summer Glau. It was unveiled yesterday at Comic-Con.

Wow, that looks awesome. They really got a great cast together. I hope that gets a full theater release.
They said release in Spring 2012, but we don't know if it will be a limited release or not.
Considering the buzz about the movie and the fact it was presented in Hall H at Comic Con, i hope it will have a full release.
There is also an interview with Director Joe Lynch and Summer Glau at Comic Con : Summer Glau Wiki

Summer look beautiful and we learn she'll get to kick some ass!
As well as a hilariously disorganized interview from EW with most of the assembled cast and crew in addition to a shorter one from Gonzogeek about what she geeks out for.
Wow, I have never had so many movies to look forward to in one season. I sure hope that 2012 apocalypse business is happening at the end of the year.
Seems they let slip during the press conference afterward that there are two musical numbers in it...

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