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July 24 2011

The Avengers assembled. All the newly released character posters put together.

The official version can be found here but the fan effort is bigger and better quality.

I love that the Hulk doesn't fit into the page. I keep on trying to scroll up to see him all. Am stoked for this film.
Very cool looking.
Gorgeous! 'Fraid I haven't been paying full attention, though...who's the archer?
He's Hawkeye. He had an almost "blink and you'll miss him" cameo in Thor.
Played by Renner, who was in arguably the best episode of Angel season one.
For one crazy moment I thought that first ship on the left was Serenity.
Thanks yo! I haven't seen Thor yet, so I'll look for Hawkeye there, and definitely in my next Angel rewatch too.
I wish there was more red. More specifically, scarlet...
Brierly, I don't think the public is ready for outright altering reality. Joss can throw that in for the sequel (Avengers Disassembled).

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For the movies, they can choose to stick with old-school powers, before the altering-reality stuff was added. In any case, there's more than enough for the first movie without escalating the character count.
Brierly, could you mean more Scarlet Jo, rather than Scarlet Witch?
Honestly, I would have wanted less of the former, more of the latter. Although in a perfect world, the public would be more accepting of two miniature founding Avengers (Wasp and Antman) rather than a pretty face in form-fitting leather. I wouldn't be opposed to getting Wanda and Quicksilver in a sequel either.
While I think it would be awesome to have Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in one of the films, the reality is that without some insane revisions to their backstory, that just isn't happening. Not unless they plan on lining up the X-Men franchise with the Avengers, which in and of itself would take multiple films (and years). Working Ant-Man and the Wasp into the story would be far more feasible in the long run.
You don't need to dig too deep into their backstory. A quick mention that Magneto's their father is all that's necessary.
@gossi: Wow, I'd totally forgotten that that was Renner in the Angel episode. I still need to see The Hurt Locker, though I was underwhelmed by his (Oscar-nominated!) turn in The Town.
Ah, so we were meant to know who the sniping guy in Thor was then. That isn't the thing that was added late in production was it?
Must. Have. Wanda. If they made her and Quicksilver non-mutants, or simply avoided mentioning their mutant origins, maybe they could avoid licensing problems. Guess that ship has sailed though...

What is the aircraft in the picture? The Helicarrier? Wouldn't it be cool if it was a Skrull ship?! Gaaaaah!

Also, does this mean Anthony Hopkins is gonna be in the movie too? How cool would that be for Joss?

This cast could potentially outshine the Nolan Batman movies!
Vandelay, exactly right. Hawkeye was added in later.

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