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July 24 2011

(SPOILER) Video of the Buffy and LGBT Comics Fandom panel at Comic-Con. Jane Espenson,Tom Lenk and Scott Allie are the panel guests.

I heard a season 9 spoiler at the start of the panel with the promise of a little more details later in the panel.That's why there is a spoiler warning.

Also, someone in the Joss panel asked why he hasn't had any (openly) gay male characters featured in his work, especially when his works contain so many strong gay and bisexual female characters. He gave a clever and comical response (as he does), but his answer boiled down to "I think it's about time I create one."
I started watching. Didn't get who else was suppose to be in the panel. Did anyone catch the names?
This was the full lineup according to my event guide: Scott Allie, Andrew Chambliss, Jane Espenson, Drew Greenberg, Tom Lenk.

I was sorry not to see Drew and Andrew.
Drew Greenberg was the only one I caught urkonn. I also missed the spolier, go me and my bad hearing.

I'm glad this panel was recorded, it was one of the ones I was really interested in hearing, although it's sometimes hard to make out what they're saying.

The second part kept cutting out for me though and from 12.30 just played a black screen with no sound. Don't know if I missed anything.

I thought the part when they were discussing transgender issues with regard to the female line of the slayers was really interesting especially.

Thanks Buffyfest!
I'd love to watch this but while I appreciate Buffyfest's efforts, I just can't make out what the're saying most of the time. Any plans for a transcript or summary?
There was also supposed to be an unnamed special guest, according to the official panel description. That went entirely unmentioned during the panel, and I still don't know who it was supposed to be.
Yes, what was up with that, B!x? Well He did also say that Sierra Hahn wasn't going to make and it she wasn't on the original roster. Was she the guest?

The sound wasn't great in this room and we couldn't plug into their audio feed like with other panels. I really enjoyed this panel, though. Tom Lenk is too funny!

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Unfortunately I couldn't understand most of what was said. (at least I wasn't the only one, I started thinking there was something wrong with me) so I stopped less than half way through.
I really appreciate your effort though, Buffyfest.
This does seem very interesting.
I wonder about what Matt7325 said about a transcript or summery. Maybe someone there was blogging about it (like the live blogs made during Joss's panel).
There's some reports here and here.
For the closing of Once More With Feeling at SDCC, Nicholas Brendon showed up to say hi. Was perhaps he supposed to be the unannounced guest? Or was it supposed Joss but perhaps he didn't make it in time?
I was wondering if the unannounced guest was supposed to be Amber.

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