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July 25 2011

Joss Whedon talks about the Avengers cast. Another interview out of Comic-Con, this time with MTV's Splash Page. And speaking of The Avengers, have you seen this College Humor video?

Oh Simon, I loved that "college humor video" (and I just got back from seeing Captain American in 3-D, which I also loved). Now about Joss' interview, it was funny but it cut off just as he was saying he was particularly grateful for Clark Gregg, and I am sitting here wishing I could have heard the rest of that thought! It does make me very happy to hear that Joss isn't struggling with any big actor egos. He seems to be really enjoying directing this movie!
Enjoying it so much that he seems a little drunk in this interview? lol

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The Avengers is the fake name, Group Hug is the reality.
The College Humor folks brought it once again.

He does sound a little drunk though there is no judgement here, love him either way.

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